Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Sketchbook - More Characters! 1

I've been on a jam recently as you may have noticed with my nascent blog posts. I should make this a regular habit. Anyways, I'm finding that Fabriano's post card sized sketchbooks are perfect for the style doodles I like making. The paper is a thick stock and it has a rough finish.

This is my jam, holmes!

Check out my drawings! As of late, I've been on a break from playing Dungeons & Dragons but I'm still fascinated with their art! I might do a collection of the iconic classes from the system or their monsters...who knows!

Old Human Wizard

Mysterious magical mantle

Restless Spirit

Storm Giant

Half Orc Bard

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Iron Gods Old Character Art

Biggs, the Human Ranger

Franklin, Human Paladin and Technophobe

Meyanda, Android 

Davina, Aasimar Barbarian

Ka'ul, Half Orc Druid

Tuco, Nomadic Monk

Flynn, the Failed Archaeologist

Iron Gods Scenic Art

Against the Troll and her chariot.

Konnier Bane's Statis Chamber

A Decisive Battle

Death of an Iron God

The Mutant Manticore

Random Musings

So...I had taken some serious time off from my art and I got thinking - this picture below is what inspired a change in my style.

When I originally made this piece, I was disappointed with how cartoony and flat it felt but people seemed to enjoy the picture. Something about the textures and line weight worked well together. Nearly 3 years from when I made this piece...I've decided to go back and give it another try.