Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dreamscape Challenge

So while staying here in Gwangju, the art's community is slowly coming together. For the moment, I've met several prolific figures, but we're such a minority that its very...intimate. I like to think of ourselves as a lost tribe, or a coven of arcanists. After learning about Drink & Draws and Saturday Art Class @ the GIC, I thought I'd throw my lot and start up weekly art challenges. 

Being that this is our first time doing this, I'm hoping things go well! Anywho, here's my submission!

While I didn't want to fully illustration a personal dream of mine, this image hits home for me. 

"Our bodies were entwined with cosmic energy and a universe of possibilities lay before us".

Rather simple execution. Hand made textures and drawing. ~45mins.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cuán the Cavalier, Progress and Finish.

As of late, I've been slowly getting back into art. Instead of spending my time working on countless sketches, I've directed my attention at settling on an idea and trying to pump it out. So far, its been a fun process, gesture sketching -> line art -> line art -> digital. I'll need to work on something faster.

Anywho, the subject of this piece is a character from a friend's D&D game. Cuán is a stoic  tomboyish female knight. I've a feeling that she's both physically and mentally strong, independent and not afraid to fight for justice.